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Associates of Engineering Services, LP

Engineering Services, LP s involved with projects all over the globe including, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Scotland, Italy, and Japan. A few of the experts that are associated with Engineering Services, LP are listed below. In addition, we have resources to many other experts.

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Gordon A. Aaker, Jr., P.E. - President, Metallurgical and Mechanical Engineering Consultant.

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Gordon A. Aaker, Jr., P.E. - President

Metallurgical / Mechanical Engineering Consultant
Gordon Aaker has thirty years of engineering experience in evaluating failures, nationally and internationally. He has provided litigation support and expert witness testimony on a variety of causes, including identification of failures that are the result poor design, and the misuse of materials.

Gordon combines his metallurgical background with mechanical design experience to accurately identify failures that are a result of poor design or the incorrect use of materials. He is an authority on construction methods, fabrication codes, and design codes. He is experienced in the use of laboratory equipment and other analytical tools required to evaluate construction materials and to test the design basis. In addition to providing engineering consulting services to insurance companies and the legal community, Gordon is routinely staffed to major industrial projects. Clients include: Fortune 500 companies in the chemical, refining, oil & gas, pulp & paper, equipment manufacturer, and transportation.

Gordon has published numerous papers and is a contributing author in the American Society of Metal’s Failure Analysis Handbook. He has taught in the industry and at the university level. He has held elected office in various professional societies.

His litigation experience also includes work for the United States Department of Justice, Environmental Enforcement Division, Expert Witness Unit, Washington, DC. Additionally, he has appeared before a Congressional committee appointed by the President.
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Russ Elveston.

Resume available upon request

Russ Elveston, P.E.
OSHA Compliance Specialist

With almost 40 years experience as a safety regulator, consultant, and engineer, Mr. Elveston has investigated a wide range of worksites from logging operations to major construction to several of the most costly chemical plant/refinery explosions in the world. Major investigations included the '89 Phillips 66 explosion, the '90 ARCO explosion, and the '05 BP explosion.

As a safety engineer/compliance officer with OSHA for almost 30 years, Mr. Elveston prepared prima facie cases for over 2500 inspections/investigations. The knowledge and experience gained, not only from the investigations during this period, but also of the regulatory requirements, their application, and their enforcement by the federal agency provided the basis for a second career as a forensic engineer providing expert testimony to law firms pursuing legal actions related to incidents involving federal safety laws and regulations.

Following his retirement from OSHA in January of 2007, Mr. Elveston established his engineering firm to provide litigation support to law firms including consultation, on-site investigation, research, report preparation, and testimony at deposition and trial. While his primary area of expertise is petrochemicals and the related regulations, his extensive background has enabled him to perform successfully in the broad range of OSHA's jurisdiction, including construction, maritime, oil & gas, manufacturing, and general industry.
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Spencer Landes, P.E.
Process Engineering Consultant

Spencer Landes is founder and CEO of SH Landes, Inc. He has performed projects in the USA and 30 foreign countries. His experience includes business development, engineering, contracting, equipment fabrication, facilities commissioning, training, serving as an expert witness and safety-related functions. He has also consulted on the development of offshore productions systems, onshore gas and liquid processing and safety management.

Mr. Landes, at age 90, is semi-retired and has cut his hours back to about 6 hours a day. He is doing well living on his ranch in Texas.
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John Martinez, P.E., Petroleum Engineering Consultant.

Resume available upon request

John Martinez, P.E.
Petroleum Engineering Consultant

John Martinez has been the Production Consultant for Production Associates for twenty-nine years and previously was associated with Exxon (now ExxonMobil). John has forty years experience in oilfield production technology with a specialty in facility revision and artificial lift operations, with extensive expertise in gas lift and nodal analysis. This includes well deliverability, transient pressure testing, downhole equipment evaluation and selection. Surface facility design experience includes multiphase pipelines, separation, metering, compression, dehydration, water treatment and disposal, and pumps.
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Leornard C Quick, P.E. - Engineering Consultant.

Resume available upon request

Leonard C. Quick, P.E.
Engineering Consultant

Leonard Quick is a Tulane University School of Engineering graduate and Registered Professional Engineer in multiple states. He has had a distinguished career as a consulting and forensic engineer. Since 1980, he has practiced engineering, planning, design, analysis, contract management and administration for structures, buildings, foundations, roads, bridges, drainage features and other engineered facilities and components. Furthermore, for over twenty-three years, he has specialized in the field of professional practice of forensic engineering. Recognized as an expert in his field he has been qualified and testified as an expert witness in over 150 cases in numerous courts in multiple states, including state, federal, municipal and county courts.

Leornad is a long-standing member of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE), National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and the Louisiana Engineering Society (LES).

He has evaluated and analyzed over eight-thousand property damage claims throughout his career, including catastrophe claims associated with hurricanes, tornados earthquakes, and hail.
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Michael Sawyer, P.E., CSP
Safety Engineering Consultant.

Resume available upon request


Michael E. Sawyer, P.E., CSP
Safety Engineering Consultant

Mr. Mike Sawyer has led and participated on various safety engineering projects in his 31 years of experience. These have ranged from general industrial safety applications to detailed analyses of process units and systems. His expertise includes applications relating to loss control/loss prevention, hazard analysis, risk assessments, and litigation support.

The greatest span of Mr. Sawyer's career has been in the area of process safety. He has facilitated numerous hazard and risk assessment studies of petrochemical producing facilities throughout the U.S. and the world. His international projects include studies in Japan, India, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Singapore, and Canada.

He has served on investigation teams, as well as leading investigations, of petrochemical, refining, and oil field servicing incidents in support of litigation. Some of the most notable investigations include ESSO's Longford Gas Plant incident in Australia and the 2005 BP Texas City Refinery explosion.
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Sam Vacek, P.E.

Structural Engineering Consultant

Sam Vacek has thirty-one years experience as a Structural Engineer with extensive experience in structural design, failure analysis, explosions, and construction monitoring of commercial and residential structures.
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Randy Vaughn.

Resume available upon request


Randy Vaughn
Compliance Specialist

With over 37 years in the pipeline industry, Mr. Vaughn spent the last 12 years focused on regulatory compliance with both pipeline operating companies and as a regulator.

Mr. Vaughn served in various pipeline engineering and corrosion control roles during his 23 years with Shell Oil Company. Specializing primarily in internal auditing and project management, Mr. Vaughn’s contributions were critical to the success of Shell’s compliance programs.

As a DOT Compliance Manager for Kinder Morgan CO2, Mr. Vaughn managed O&M, IMP, and OQ compliance. Acting as a liaison between field staff, various project engineers, and operations staff, Mr. Vaughn’s approach to compliance allowed for operational flexibilities, while ensuring consistency with company compliance objectives.

With 10 years experience as pipeline safety regulator for the State of Texas, Mr. Vaughn leads the State’s efforts ensuring proper development and implementation of integrity management programs. Having served on numerous audit and incident investigation teams, industry expert panel discussions, and regulatory development teams, Mr. Vaughn’s efforts and industry partnerships have provided for a safer and more diligently managed set of intrastate pipelines.
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