Engineering Services, Forensic Litigation Experts, Consulting Engineering Services, Root Cause Failure Analysis, Inspection Services, Metallurgical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers. Forensic and Litigation Engineering Experts - Engineering Services LP.

  Staff of Experts:

• Mechanical Engineers
• Metallurgical Engineers
• Chemical Process Engineers
• Registered Professional Engineers
• Certified NACE Corrosion Specialists
• Project Managers
• Equipment and Piping System Analysts

  Industry Types:

• Refineries and Gas Plants
• Production Facilities
• Pipelines
• Onshore and Offshore
• Piping Fabrication

  Our Expertise:

• Risk Based Inspection Programs
• Fitness for Service Studies
• Corrosion Control and Monitoring
• Cathodic Protection
• Materials Selection
• Welding Engineering
• Coating Systems
• Failure Analysis

  Global Experts:

• United States
• Canada
• Egypt
• Scotland
• Norway
• Sweden
• Spain
• Italy
• Germany
• Belgium
• Czech Republic
• The Netherlands
• Brazil
• Colombia
• Argentina
• Mexico
• Japan

Forensic / Litigation Engineering Experts / Expert Witness Testimony

Engineering Services, LP (ES) is an Engineering and Consulting firm that specializes in solving complex failures related to design, materials and service conditions. We provide experienced consultants to participate in litigation support and major projects for Fortune 500 companies. ES has become a significant provider of litigation support through its industrial experience and knowledge of codes, standards and practices.

Legal investigation, technical and project consulting, root cause analysis and expert witness services are available to insurance companies and law firms involving welding, metallic and non-metallic failures and products liability.

ES has provided litigation support and expert witness testimony on a variety of Legal investigation, expert witness testimony.causes involving equipment failures, product reliability, suitability for service, testing, inspection, and corrosion and material properties. Case support has included researching material and corrosion properties, performing literature searches, laboratory testing, failure analysis of equipment and components, and advising on industry practices regarding equipment reliability and inspection standards of care. Support has been divided evenly between defense and plaintiff causes.

Litigation support has included conducting laboratory tests to simulate corrosion damage, preparing expert reports, performing reviews of other expert reports, helping with case preparation, and forming opinions on the technical merits of a case.

Mechanical Design.Litigation Expertise in:

EQUIPMENT DESIGN: ES provides complete failure analysis in the design, manufacturing and service of commercial and domestic equipment, machinery and components. We provide a complete design basis and an analysis of material performance.

Fe Carbon diagramWELDING: ES performs complete failure analysis on welds. This includes proprietary and specialty welds. ES participates in industrial funded research and development in advanced welding technology. ES personnel are routine staffed on major projects for Fortune 100 companies to to manage welding and material requirements. Past projects include Chevron Blind Faith Project, BP Thunder Horse Project and the Deepwater Horizon Macondo well.

Decarbed surface resulting in poor surface profile.CORROSION ASSESSMENT: ES provides corrosion analysis include remaining life assessments and process safety analysis for critical processing and oil refining companies. We provide design and evaluation for corrosion control and cathodic protection systems onshore and offshore. We analyze process streams to determine corrosion allowance based on Co2 calculations using DeWaard and Milam.

Tubing failures analysisSTRESS ANALYSIS: Structural systems detailed design and analysis. Stress analysis on machine components, frames, tubulars and shells under static or dynamic loads, including non-linear material properties and geometry. Structures include mechanical devices, ships, fixed offshore platforms, catenary arrays, tunnels, dams, pipelines, breakwaters, bridges and temporary construction aids, just to mention a few.

Chemical processing plant.CHEMICAL PROCESS: Providing project management services including: plant evaluation, procurement, inspection, safety management, start up and testing for oil and gas production, NGL recovery and LNG systems. Advise corporate management and perform economic feasibility studies. Compliance with OSHA and safety matters.

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