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Root Cause Analysis of Design Failures of Products and Components

Engineering Services, LP (ES) performs evaluations of root cause analyses of failures world wide that are the result of poor design or the incorrect selection of construction materials used in the manufacturing of commercial or domestic equipment, machinery and components. Engineering Services, LP failure analysis experts, provides evaluation of design bases, material performance analysis and evaluation of construction and fabrication requirements according to recognized industrial standards.


Welding in Scotland.

Welding Failures
Engineering Services LP (ES) is an authority on all welding matters. Mr. Aaker has been responsible for developing welding processes, analyzing defect tolerance limits, failures analysis, welding procedures, development and quality control of production welding. ES is routinely staffed on major industrial projects to support welding requirements. One involvement was inspection performed for the Chevron Blind Faith Subsea equipment. Our background in welding includes the following recognized industrial codes: ASME, API, AWS and ANSI   Back to Top.Top

Gordon Aaker Inspects Forgings in Houston Texas.

Materials and Construction
ES has developed, reviewed and edited material and construction specifications for many oil and gas projects worldwide. We routinely perform material analysis, as well as, remaining life assessments for critical processing and oil refining equipment.     Back to Top. Top

Riser Failure in Gulf of Suez.

Corrosion Control
ES routinely provides engineering assistance in the selection of materials to manage corrosion. We evaluate corrosion control matters and cathodic protection, onshore and offshore. Mr. Aaker has been responsible for developing corrosion control program, evaluation of corrosion failures and design of cathodic protection systems. We also perform CO2 calculations to establish corrosion allowances for process equipment.    Back to Top. Top

Choke body inspection in Edmonton Canada.

Stress Analysis and Design Failures
ES is experienced at evaluating structural systems and detailed design and analysis. Stress analysis on machine components, frames, tubular and shells under static or dynamic loads, including non-linear material properties and geometry. Structures include mechanical devices, ships, fixed offshore platforms, catenary arrays, tunnels, dams, pipelines, breakwaters, bridges and temporary construction aids.   Back to Top. Top

Heat Exchanger Failure in Egypt.

Chemical Processing
Providing project management services including: plant evaluation, procurement, inspection, safety management, start up and testing for oil and gas production, NGL recovery and LNG systems. Advise corporate managers and perform economic feasibility studies.  Back to Top. Top

Evaluating Pipline in Egypt.

Pipeline meeting DOT requirements for Liquid and Gas. Failures related to corrosion and cathodic protection systems have been evaluated. Mr. Aaker has worked for the DOJ Washington DC on pipeline matters and has appeared before for a Congressional Committee regarding importance of importing pipe for deep water applications.    Back to Top. Top

Beech Baron private jet.

Evaluating parts to determine if they are genuine, and the evaluation of failed components removed from aircrafts. Air Frame Structures, Landing Gear Components, Structural Parts, Windshields, Crankshafts, Connecting Rods, Valves, Turbines, Propellers, Hydraulic/Fuel Lines, Fuel Control Systems, Exhaust Systems, Engine Systems.    Back to Top. Top

Corrosion Assestment of 100 year old train in Houston, Texas.

Mr. Aaker performed a corrosion assessment prior to moving the Old Number 982 from Hermann Park to its new location at Minute Maid Park in Houston. The work was performed pro bono in cooperation with the City of Houston, Texas.  
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Failure of car part.

Trucks, Automobiles, and Motorcycles
Evaluation of failed parts to determine if they contributed to the accident or failed as a result of the accident. Mag Wheels, Brakes, Lug Nuts, Steering Column Components, Seats, Seat Belts, Doors, Gas Tanks, Headlights, Air Bags, Tires. Brake Pedals, Handlebar Castings, Gas Tanks, Wheels.    Back to Top. Top

Serita Crane Failure.

ES has performed many failure analysis on materials used in the harsh marine environment. We have performed failures on engines, components, mechanical equipment from small boats to large ships. We have investigated failures on several offshore cranes located around the world.     Back to Top. Top

Large Boiler being Shipped to MiddleEast Falls of Truck.

Industrial Equipment
ES has performed a variety of failure analysis on ASME code equipment used in many industries. Boilers, seperators, heaters, heat exchangers, free water knockouts, and other code equipment built in accordance with ASME SECTION VIII, Division I & Division II. Our background includes design and fabrication of all types of code equipment.    Back to Top. Top

Weld Failure of Walker.

Consumer Products
Toys, Microwave Ovens, Lawn Mowers, Washing Machines, Glass Bottles, Ratchet Wrenches, Chairs, Stools, Ladders, Walkers, Hammers, Cutlery, Pressure Cookers, Toaster Ovens, Electrical Components, Gas & Electrical Water Heaters, and Computers. Back to Top. Top

Plastic barrels.

Plastic Products
ES performs failure analysis on plastic components such as PVC.    PVC pipe is made from a plastic and vinyl combination material. The pipes are durable, hard to damage, and long lasting. A PVC pipe does not rust, rot, or wear over time. For that reason, PVC piping is most commonly used in water systems, underground wiring, and sewer lines. The smooth surface of the PVC pipe is also resistant to bacterial contamination, such a E. Coli.    Back to Top. Top

Jack up rig failure.

Oil and Gas
Chemical Process Evaluation, Cathodic Protection Design, Material Selection, Regulatory Compliance, Welding Failures, OSHA Mechanical Integrity - Material Failure Analysis - Corrosion Analysis - Stress Evaluation Feasibility Studies.     Back to Top. Top

Mechanical Design - ES has been responsible for investigating a variety of mechanical equipment.

Mechanical Design
ES has been responsible for investigating a variety of mechanical equipment including autoclaves, boilers compressors, valves, furnaces, piping systems, API tanks, & ASME Code Pressure Div I and Div II.     Back to Top. Top

Explosion in Refinery near Houston.

Fire - Explosion
Causes and Origin - Identification of ignition sources and accelerants, in analysis of fire and burn patterns for origin determinations.   Back to Top. Top


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Root Cause Analysis of Design Failures of Products and Components